Lucid SL Adventures

The search for the perfect wave

Introducing the Lucid Surfers

Hi everyone! This is Skip comin’ to ya from HQ at Lucid Outpost.  We finally got the van dug out of the sand at Silent Lucidity (tell you about that later) and now we’re ready to continue our search for the Perfect Wave. First I want to tell you what we’re doing and introduce the members of the team.  You’ll be seeing a lot of them throughout the blog. The reason I’m writing this is to bring to you the story of my adventures as Chas, Herk, and I search for the perfect wave. We’ve been looking for it for awhile now.. I can’t seem to recall when exactly the idea hit me, but when it did, the three of us rushed off all excited to find it.

Since that historic day, we’ve been searching across the grid trying to find it and will continue to hunt until we do.  It will take us through a cornucopia (I’ve always wanted to be able to use that word in a sentence) of places ranging from the weird to the wacky, with a bit of the strange and dangerous in between. I want to show you what’s out there  in Second Life that is worth a few minutes and a couple mouse clicks of your time. We want to share these adventures with you as we experience them and hopefully bring a bit of laughter into your life as well.  Laughs are like apples… one a day will keep the psychotropic meds away. Come laugh with us!

Ok I’ve been blabbing enough. Onto the team:
Skip:  The group mastermind and arguably its leader (Chastity might have something to say about this.)  An avid surfer and junk food consumer. Likes strange, funny and weird things. He rarely has a plan, and if he does he never shares it with anyone else… until it’s far too late.

Chastity: The real brains behind the group. Beach bunny, loves to surf and shop (what girl doesn’t) and go swimming. She’s usually the one that keeps the team out of trouble – a full time job. She also doubles as the team fashion coordinator – another full time job.

Dangerous Beauty

Herk: The team muscle. If they ever get stuck, Herk is always there to bail them out. Just don’t ask him to out think anyone. Rocks have more cognitive ability.




So that’s our core team. We’ll introduce new members as they appear in our story. So strap in (or don’t if you like to take a chance) and hang on.. it’s going to be quite a ride!

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